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image15th September 2015

Clonakilty, Co. Cork
Tel: +353 23 8833443  Email:
Dear Club Secretary,
The onset of the Autumn months draws a conclusion to the many events and activities over the Summer. I trust that your club had enjoyable and successful field evenings, herds competitions etc. I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some forthcoming events and dates that may be of interest to your Club/Members.
IHFA at the National Ploughing Championships, Ratheniska, Co Laois Sept 22nd -24th.
All are welcome to visit the IHFA Ploughing pavillion in Block 4, Row 11, Stand Number 157. Featuring showcase of Hol­stein Friesian cows and a free competition with a Pedigree Registered heifer calf as 1st prize. There will be booths from Volac, the Irish Equine Centre (IEC) & Weatherbys Laboratory in the pavillion.
Prizes in the Ploughing Competition, (free entry) are as follows:
1st: Pedigree Registered Pure Friesian Heifer Calf (sponsored by IHFA) 2nd: €1,000 worth of Milk Replacer (sponsored by Volac) 3rd: Voucher to the value of €200 (sponsored by Weatherbys Laboratory) 4th: Voucher for BVD Testing (sponsored by the Irish Equine Centre)
IHFA will promote a new A.I. Bull pack through the Gene Ireland testing programme. Further details available on the stand.

Winter Journal 2015
News Items / Articles
Articles and/or pictures from Club events marking the IHFA 50th Anniversary are most welcome, we look forward to, including in recognition of the Golden Jubilee celebrations. Please note the deadline for submission of Club Notes is Friday, October 23rd. If you could kindly remind club P.R.O. or the person responsible, including club YMA.
To commemorate the IHFA 50th Anniversary it is intended to feature a profile of every Club Chairman in this Winter Journal. This will be a focus on the Chairman's herd of cows using the following set of questions as a template for all (max of 700 words);
1. Name, Address, Prefix, No. of Milking Cows, Season of Calving.
2. When was the herd established?
3. Reasons why you have chosen to be Pedigree.
4. Outline the prominent cow families developed in your herd.
5. In making breeding decisions, what traits do you emphasise and aim to improve?
6. Describe how you have used IHFA services to help develop & progress the herd.
7. Looking beyond 2015, what impact does quota abolition mean to you, plans for the herd into the future?
8. What advice, if any, would you pass on to the next generation of Pedigree breeders/dairy farmers.
9. Mention any notable herd achievements or success.
(Submit a maximum of two photographs to accompany this profile)
We will make contact with the Chairman to follow-up.

Herd Adverts The closing date for booking herd adverts is Friday 9th October. Adverts must then be submitted by Friday 23rd October

50th Anniversary Black ! White Protein Sale (Friday 20th November)
The 50th Anniversary Black & White Protein Sale to celebrate 50 years of IHFA takes place in November.
Text Box: Date: 	Friday 20th November 2015   Time: 	Judging 10.00am, Sale 12.00 noon   Venue: 	Tullamore Livestock Mart   Auctioneer: 	Denis Barrett
Entries close Friday 30th October. Please find enclosed introductory letter and entry form, further information on classes, conditions of entry, minimum standard & health requirements
National Dairy Show (16th ! 17th October)
16th October -Final of the YMA Showmanship League. 17th October -Handler, Jersey & Holstein Classes A prize schedule and application form for cattle exhibitors & handlers is enclosed with details of classes. Further appli­cation forms are available through the IHFA office. Closing date for cattle entries is Friday 2nd October.
All Ireland Awards
All Ireland Awards entry forms & conditions of entry are enclosed. Further copies will be available from the IHFA stand at the Ploughing, the IHFA stand at the National Dairy Show and through the IHFA office. Closing date for entries is Friday 23rd October. PLEASE NOTE -forms must be submitted by this date, photos must follow asap to meet the printing deadling for the IHFA journal.
Written nominations will soon be invited for the annual YMA awards. Ahead of this, Clubs may take the opportunity to consider nominations for the following;
-YMA Presidents Medal
-Hall of Fame
The YMA Photographic Competition remains open for entries, attention all budding, young talented photographers within YMA !
14th World Holstein Friesian Conference -Argentina (28th March -2nd April 2016)
The 2016 WHFF Conference takes place in Argentina from 28th March to 2nd April 2016. IHFA may organise a tour if there is a strong expression of interest in travelling. At this point in time, we would like members to be informed of the venue and dates. A travel package may be organised if the level of interest is forthcoming.
European Holstein Show, Colmar, Alsace, France (17th -19th June 2016)
The IHFA Board have indicated support for a team of cows to represent Ireland in the European Show, Colmar France next year. A sub-committee is in place to determine the practicality of all aspects of selection and travel. In conjunction with the possibility of sending a team we may organise a tour to the Show., depending on the level of interest received.
It would be appreciated if the above information could be communicated at forthcoming club meetings, events.
To ensure that we have the correct contact names and up-to-date contact details for relevant club officers please advise if there are any corrections.
I would like to thank you and fellow Club officers and look forward to seeing you at these upcoming events. Please feel free to contact me with any queries.
Yours sincerely Charles Gallagher, CE, IHFA